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Paint Tool Sai: All Texture Brushes

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 14, 2015, 1:56 PM

  • Canvas.bmp
  • Carpet 01.bmp
  • Carpet 02.bmp
  • Cloud 01.bmp
  • Cloud 02.bmp
  • Dirt 01.bmp
  • Dirt 02.bmp
  • Dirt 03.bmp
  • Dirt 04.bmp
  • Dirt 05.bmp
  • Dirt 06.bmp
  • Dirt 07.bmp
  • Dirt 08.bmp
  • Dirt 09.bmp
  • Dirt 10.bmp
  • Dirt 11.bmp
  • Dirt 12.bmp
  • Fabric 01.bmp
  • Fabric 02.bmp
  • Fabric 03.bmp
  • Fabric 04.bmp
  • Fabric 05.bmp
  • Fabric 06.bmp
  • Fuzystatic.bmp
  • Glass 01.bmp
  • Glass 02.bmp
  • Glass 03.bmp
  • Large Grain.bmp
  • Leather 01.bmp
  • Leaves 01.bmp
  • Leaves 02.bmp
  • Leaves 03.bmp
  • Leaves 04.bmp
  • Leaves 05.bmp
  • Metal 01.bmp
  • Noise 01.bmp
  • Noise 02.bmp
  • Paper 01.bmp
  • Paper 02.bmp
  • Paper 03.bmp
  • Paper.bmp
  • Rock 01.bmp
  • Rock 02.bmp
  • Rock 03.bmp
  • Rock 04.bmp
  • Rock 05.bmp
  • Rock 06.bmp
  • Rock 07.bmp
  • Rock 08.bmp
  • Rock 09.bmp
  • Rock 10.bmp
  • Sand Paper.bmp
  • Spot 01.bmp
  • Spot 02.bmp
  • Water 01.bmp
  • Water 02.bmp
  • Wave 01.bmp
  • Wave 02.bmp
  • Wave 03.bmp
  • Wave 04.bmp
  • Wave 05.bmp
  • Wave 06.bmp
  • Wave 07.bmp
  • Wave 08.bmp
  • Wave 09.bmp
  • Wave 10.bmp
  • Wave 11.bmp
  • Wave 12.bmp
  • Wave 13.bmp
  • Wave 14.bmp
  • Wave 15.bmp
  • Wood 01.bmp
  • Wood 02.bmp
  • Wood 03.bmp
  • Wood 04.bmp

The original link is here:…

I was forever wondering why i was missing stuff Good Ole Google search. Run your AV software afterwards. 

DX.. Started to hate hard brushes and wanted chalk brushes like there were in photoshop... I'll just take screenshots later... 
Paint Tool Sai Chalk brush1. *********
Simple circle
Gouache water 90-100
blending 50
dilution 0
persistence 80
Simple circle 
Leaves 05      72
Blending 49
dilution 0 
persistence 80
simple circle
lines fest
Blending 49
dilution 0 
persistence 80
Simple circle
Noise 02
Blending 49
dilution 0 
persistence 80
5. **********
Fuzytastic 50
Noise 0     72
Blending 49
dilution 0 
persistence 80
All with 0 edge hardness
Fourth edge shape
And 0 min density
Max dens 100
Hard soft 100
Or you can do
Fourth edge shape
100 edge hardness
low min density 100
Hard soft 0

More textures/brushes and they are all free:
SAI Brushes 3 by ToadsDontExistSAI Brushes 2 by ToadsDontExistSAI Pastel Pack Combo by ToadsDontExistPaint Tool Sai brush set (manual install) by irisuhime More Sai…
Lava 1 
Lava 2
Mio 1
Mio 2 
Pebbles 1 
Sidewalk 1 
Sidewalk 2 
Sidewalk 3 
Speckle 1
Speckle 2
Spread 1 
Street 1
Stucco 1 
Stucco 2
Stucco 3
Stucco 4 
Swirl 1 
Weave 1

And for those that are still confused about moving files around here's another link should you still need assistance:


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